Liz Kimeria's VIP Inner Circle Mastermind Training and Coaching Program is a complete, step by step training guide. This training is for the serious, not the curious.  It often happens that we just need someone to hold our hand and show us personally how they have achieved what they have. 

Liz carefully designed this system to give you that extra focused help with clear and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions presented in videos and power points. Each of the videos and power point presentations are personally created and presented by Liz herself.

In this Mastermind Training, Liz withholds nothing and you will learn the exact techniques that she used (and still uses) that resulted in her phenomenal success over the last 14 years in direct sales marketing and online marketing. 

The moment you enroll, you will have will have instant, unlimited access to 10 in-depth instruction modules, each containing multiple lessons. 

If you are already in the Direct Sales Marketing Industry, or you have been dreaming of it, run, don't walk to join this VIP Inner Circle Mastermind Online Training Program.


After you start training with Liz Kimeria, the value of having your own business blog will quickly become very apparent.

Putting your business on the Internet allows you to tap into vast numbers of people who are searching for answers, and are actively looking for someone just like you.

Once you start to apply Liz's home business success techniques, you will understand how  blogging for business is the single most effective way to bring in new customers and team members.

A professional and well designed business blog gives you enormous power to reach out and let people know who you are and what you can offer them- the answers and solutions for their business questions and problems.

A business blog will strongly position you in your niche as an expert who can be trusted and who is a "go to” resource. 

You may have heard there are free blog platforms available, and perhaps you have been considering creating one for your business. Let's take a look at these free blogs for a moment.

The first drawback is how limited they are in what they can do, not only in the design but also in their ability to attract search engine attention.


If you are a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant or an Independent Sales Director, then you probably already know who Liz Kimeria is - unless you have been totally out of the loop. That is because Liz started her path with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

In her e-Book, "From Consultant To Pink Cadillac In 90 Days" Liz shows you the exact method she uses to tap into the power of the Internet to add more customers and get high quality leads for free, so you can develop long-term, residual income.

A high quality lead is someone who has already decided they want to start their own home business and are actively looking for one.You do not have to sell these women – they are already sold.

They already want what you are offering and may even be literally chomping at the bit to find someone just like you and get started fast.

With leads who come looking for you, you will not have to spoon feed them, or worry about them losing interest and dropping off the team. They are ready to get to work and make their business a success.

Their serious business attitude will help you stabilize and increase your long term residual income because they are as committed  to success as you are. A prospect who joins you by enthusiastic choice will stick with it, just like you do. Using the Internet is the perfect way to attract these quality leads.

Liz understands how Mary Kay Beauty Consultants struggle with building their teams and too often end up constantly begging friends and family to join them, or buy their products.

The truth is, your friends and family are not always the best targets for recruiting into your business. And this "warm market” of family and friends is limited and sooner or later you will come to the end of this list.  



 If you are in the Direct Sales marketing industry, you already know that building a strong team is the lifeline of your home business residual income.

The key to your financial freedom in this industry is the ability to build a rock-solid downline. 

Do you struggle to get new team members and feel discouraged? Do people promise to join you, but never do? And worse, do people avoid you, or even screen your calls on their caller id?

You have exhausted your warm market of family and friends, tried the cold market, but it just doesn't bring new team members in.  

In her Online Team Building Guide, Liz Kimeria gives you the solution to your problem of recruiting.

As mentioned above, recruiting is the life blood of your business as a direct sales marketer. It is the key to building a strong team, the essential element of your business' residual income.

From this team building guide, you will discover what has been missing, so you will never again have to plead with friends and family to join your team, or spend stressful hours at the mall trying to convince busy women shopping for shoes that they need to be in your business.

You will learn how you can instantly add highly qualified team members right from the comfort of your home.

You will be shown how to position yourself in your niche as the expert you truly are. You will become the hunted, and no longer be the hunter. This is the dream of every direct sales marketer – to have a business that hundreds of qualified leads come eagerly looking for on their own.